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Rendering birds-eye view of Portola Terrace

Stanford is proud to build Portola Terrace as part of the university's ongoing stewardship of its land and long-term commitment to a strong and resilient community

Portola Terrace addresses two critical issues: affordable housing and wildfire safety. It provides faculty housing, affordable community workforce housing, a large oak woodland, and a property-wide plan for increasing wildfire safety.

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Portola Terrace makes Portola Valley stronger and safer

Portola Terrace is a small housing development proposed by Stanford as envisioned in the Housing Element for Portola Valley. It is designed to reflect the character, scale and lifestyle of the town.

Most of the property will remain as an oak woodland and be managed according to a comprehensive Vegetation Management Plan (VMP). The VMP, together with fire prevention measures in the housing development, will significantly improve fire safety for the surrounding residents and community.

Rendering of Portola Terrace

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Portola Terrace creates much-needed housing that complements the Town’s rural character while preserving the natural features of the oak woodland that make Portola Valley home. 

Goats grazing in a field in Portola Valley

Addressing wildfire safety

The combination of fire protection measures for the housing development and the oak woodland will make Portola Valley safer by lowering fire risk for the surrounding residents and the community.

Portola Valley Trails

Enjoy the Oak Woodlands

Stanford’s Portola Terrace project includes two trails which will provide safe, public access to Stanford University’s large oak woodland in conformance with the Trails and Paths Elements of the Portola Valley General Plan.