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Portola Terrace: Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)

Stanford’s Portola Terrace faculty and community residences (also known as the Wedge property) reached a key milestone when the Town of Portola Valley released its draft environmental impact report on March 30, 2022, which found that, with appropriate mitigation measures in place, the project will have no significant impacts to the community.

Draft Environmental Impact Report

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Portola Terrace Faculty and Community Housing Project: DEIR Findings

The DEIR concluded that the Portola Terrace housing project, with appropriate mitigation measures, will not have any significant impacts on the community. The Town’s environmental consulting firm, Lamphier Gregory, conducted the report to study the potential impacts of the project on the community and identify any appropriate mitigation measures. The following environmental topics were determined by the Town of Portola Valley and evaluated in the report:


A public comment period was held from March 30 through May 13, 2022, as well as a public Planning Commission meeting where comments and questions were accepted. The release of the DEIR begins a formal public review process that will culminate in final consideration by the Town Council.