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Environmental Innovation

Stanford is designing Portola Terrace with consideration for community interests while integrating the latest innovations in sustainable design.

Environmental Innovation

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Stanford is implementing innovative and practical solutions to model an environmentally sustainable community. This commitment is helping our university, local, and global community understand and adapt to the changing climate. The Portola Terrace residences will include the following leading-edge features to support a healthier future for our region: 

Water Conservation

  • Smart greywater system for landscape use
  • Native landscaping and low-flow drip irrigation
  • Efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Run-off water storage

Green Building Features

  • Highly insulated buildings
  • ENERGY STARĀ® metal roofing and solar panels
  • High performance windows
  • Exterior shading devices

Wildfire & Vegetation Management Plan

  • Fire-resistant building materials and detailing
  • Defensible space around homes
  • Ongoing vegetation trimming on entire site
  • Protection of natural creek flow

Sustainable Transportation

  • Minimizing vehicle emissions by building in close proximity to campus
  • Creating carpool opportunities for residents
  • Electric vehicle charging at each home

Leading-Edge Technology

  • ENERGY STAR appliances and heating systems
  • Electric pump water heaters
  • LED lighting and occupancy sensors
  • Induction stoves
  • Onsite battery backup system